Hanover RS232 / USB Programming Lead Cable


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PSV Automobilia proudly introduce….
Hanover Displays compatible USB / RS232 programming cable suited for DERIC+ and ERIC+ controllers.
No need for the expensive Hanover KeyLo and BaseStation systems costing over £180, these tried and tested cables work without fault and do exactly the same job for a fraction of the price.
Manufacturer- GANA
Cable length – 1.5m
USB interface to connector to the PC, RS232 to go straight into the controller and interface with HELEN.
Brand new, unused.
As a company with nearly 10 years experience with Hanover Displays, we would express any caution when using cheaper, non-compatible RS232 leads and cables. To our expense, we have found these to draw power from the controller and cause considerable damage to your PC. This can be expensive!  Don’t risk purchasing cheap leads.
UK customers get NEXT DAY delivery as standard.
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